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"It will take your breath away"

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

In 2017, I had the pleasure of joining a team of animators in shaping the world of Collinwood Fire, a short animation recounting the 1908 tragedy in an elementary school near Cleveland, Ohio. The movie was part of a multi-media project which resulted from a scholarly research by Prof. Michael Newbury from the American studies program at Middlebury College.

I was invited to participate in the creation of an animated short film that portrays how the school fire was turned into a media sensation. I worked as the Sound Designer. Last week, we got an amazing review from Matt Jennings, from Middlebury Magazine.

The sound design by Danilo Herrera '18 speaks louder and more clearly than any spoken dialogue (...); it will take your breath away, and, more than likely, bring tears to your eyes at the film's conclusion.

- Matt Jennings, Middlebury Magazine

You can check the full review of the movie on Middlebury Magazine's website. The short film went on to win a few awards at important animation festivals, such as the Blender Conference, in Amsterdam.

Screenshot of my Pro Tools session for the sound design of Collinwood Fire.

See scholarly research and full movie at:


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