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Distinction in the Visual Arts

Updated: Sep 6, 2018


(from left to right) Me, Beth Diamond and MaryJo Champlin (Board of Directors), David Miranda Hardy.

This Sunday was special for two reasons. First, it was my birthday! Second, I was honored with the Distinction in the Visual Arts by the Friends of the Arts Museum at Middlebury College. The student category recognizes students whose talent and creative skills in the visual arts are exceptional and who have made a meaningful contribution to the visual arts.

I couldn't have gotten a better present.

In the ceremony, Prof. David Miranda Hardy, who nominated me and is also my mentor and advisor, spoke about some of the projects that I developed in the past 4 years at Middlebury and culminated into this recognition. In his speech, he talked about one of the most challenging experiences I had in the industry during my college years: I joined the VFX team at Filmo Estudios to work on David's show, Bala Loca, currently streaming on NETFLIX.

I saw the VFX team move from reluctance (...) to admiration and a job offer for Danilo to be a permanent member of the team.

- David Miranda Hardy, Creator and Executive Producer of Bala Loca


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